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Post Responsibilities

1, Mainly responsible for the process preparation and guidance as well as implementation of welding procedure of structures, puts forward corresponding requirements of welding material and welding quality.

2, Record well of the quality problem in the process production and report to the supervisor.

3, Be responsible for improving welding procedure, and control welding material quota and cost;

4, Performing technical control and guidance to welding standards and technical key points in the process of production with production department and sub-contractors.

5, Make compilation of welder examination books, and related training and technical business training for new workers, cooperate with related qualification maintenance work.


Post qualifications

1, University degree or above.

2, Major in Mechanics or welding .

3, Be familiar with welding standard and welding proceures (pressure vessel and manual welding, argon arc welding).

4, Be familiar with automatic welding equipment .

5, Be familiar with office software, 2 d and 3 d drawing software .

6, Be agile, clear and well-organized thought .

7, Good English reading and writing capability .