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Post Responsibilities

1, Personnel control and coordination management of production department and various production activities.

2, issue production plan and task, arrange and control the workshop production operation progress.

3, Tracking project status, production process, the output value goal, etc., finish the production target.

4Timely response to abnormal situation, find out and track the problem, put forward reasonable Suggestions.

5, Participate in the plan and implementation of improving production efficiency and quality of products .

6, Monitor the operation methods to ensure the 6 s implementation in production site.

7, Be responsible for all related personnel management, training and examination.


Post Qualifications

1, college or above, major in Machinery Manufacturing, Process equipment and control Engineering and other related majors.

2,Be with 5 years experience in site management of mechanical equipment manufacturing, with foreign enterprise production management experience will be preferred.

3, Be proficient in pressure vessel industry product quality specification and production standards, familiar with this industry product technical characteristics and production process and production quality control management.

4, Have strong management, organization and coordination ability, good problem analysis and solving skills.

5, Have good leadership and organization and coordination ability, communication skills, execution ability etc.