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Post Responsibilities

1, Independently complete the company scheme designing and be responsible for the verification of the scheme, including network scheme, IP planning, equipment type selection of the specific work, study the feasibility of construction project.

2, Be responsible for the implementation and management of system integration directing and execution.

3, Maintain the stable operation of the computer system and the management of PC, OA equipment, LAN, wan, telephone systems and other facilities .

4, Provide customers with service and support of IT hardware and software aspects .

5, Be responsible for the improvement and propulsion of company's ERP system .


Post Qualifications

1, Major in Communication, computer and other related professional college or above, with more than 3 years related working experience. Experience in foreign company is preferred.

2, Have a good practical experience of system integration, as well as the solutions, the technical proposal writing ability.

3, Master the planning, configuration and commissioning work of servers, switches, routers, and storage and backup system, network security product .

4, have good communication, text writing ability, a strong sense of customer service and team cooperation spirit.

5, Be proficient in ERP basic principle, with s knowledge of ERP application.

6, Have one of the following the authentication certificates, CCNP/HCSE/MCSE/CISP certificate/information .