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 Adhere to the "people-oriented" talent concept, committed to building a first-class talents system; "cooperation, sharing, motivating, cultivating" is the core of the WCE human resource management; continuously explore, optimize and innovate the enterprise’s remuneration and welfare system.

1, People oriented, accumulate talents with sincerity.

2, Recruiting people by ability; using people with wisdom .

3, To Retain people by career; to touch people by affections .


Talent strategy:

1, Continuous talent introduction to promote company’s core ability, and support company’s strategic target realization.

2, Selection and cultivating core talents and first-class management team in the industry.

3, Continuously innovated culture atmosphere.

4, Continued ascension and the development of employees’ capacity, and constantly value-added, career development space broadened;


Salary and welfare:

Competitive salary level  



Good promotion system, pay attention to internal contribution and cultivation.